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Can you empathize?

"I need to oversee and control my meeting."

"Why all those devices?"

"I want to record and publish immediately."

"How can I create public involvement?"

"Oh no, someone switched seats!"

"Why can’t we do this more efficiently?"

Connected Conference - the more technical information

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the solution

"Easy, flexible and fully customizable"

"Control the meeting, recording and streaming in one interface"

You don’t need to work around the system, the system will work around you!

A few of the endless possibilities

Conference system

It can control the camera(s), microphones, create and keep track of synoptic voting, automatic name display, create a list of speakers and queues.

Picture in picture

Show picture in picture or picture next to picture with 1,2 or more speakers! With automatic fade effect. Also show the speaker and your presentation in the same screen.

Live streaming

Create more involvement and stream your conference live in our Connected Views portal or in your own.

24/7 records

Automatically record and archive all your conferences, 24/7. It’s solid and reliable.


You can publish your meeting online in our portal or we can integrate it into your portal.

Meeting reports

After your meeting you get an automatic report with all the information, voting's and also statistics about the amount of viewers etc.

Especially built for

The references of Cmeets, LogDepot and Connected Views:

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